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VibePlate Frequently Asked Question

By The Fitness Witness April 24, 2023 0 comments


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us!

When evaluating WBV what do you think are the most pertinent questions to ask a company about their machines?

Vibration movement is probably the most important question to ask about, because vertical vibration is so important. The next one of importance would be warranty and where it is made. Most platforms are made in China and other countries. Where VibePlate has a lifetime warranty for home use, and 5 years for commercial use, best warranty on the market, built to last and made in the USA. Will a company from China service your machine?

What type of vibration does the VibePlate provide?
Vertical movement.
Is this important?

Yes, this is very important. It is preferred by medical professionals and trainers alike. Reason is, vertical vibration is natural movement. When you walk or run, your feet, arms, legs are moving up and down. NOT sideways or in a circular motion. VibePlate is designed in a way that all it reproduces is vertical vibration. VibePlate is a stable, stationary vibration platform. There is no wobble, no side to side movement, no circular motion. Those movements are not real world, they are not real physics. Medical professionals say, because of gravity, vertical motion on a stable platform is. Therefore it does not create stress, unlike other whole body vibration platforms. Simply it provides micro hits of gravity that enhances the gravity that is already there in order to create the clinical and training compression that we need to excite our nerves, to mobilize joints and to strengthen our muscles to enhance our function.

Why Vibe Plate Design

VibePlate is more functional than any other platform on the market. As you can see the VibePlate, the original “Plate”, has a unique design. Allows you to progress through multiple functional foundational movements. You can build upon those functional foundational movements. You can take advantage of the many therapeutic and training and conditioning tools that are available to enhance what the vibration plate is doing from the bottom up. You then can transform those functional foundational movements that are now enhanced into the movements of sports specific, activity specific and therapy specific, what we would call skill exercise and activities. The whole goal is that when we get off the VibePlate we are better. VibePlate also compliments functional tools.

Why Does It Works So Well?

A mechanical wave enhances gravity. We have gravity that pull us down, it jams us into the earth and we have ground reaction force. Whole Body Vibration if properly mechanically designed, like the VibePlate, gives us vertical hits of the same kind of thing from the bottom up. Therefore, if we are caught in the middle, which the body is between gravity and the whole body vibration plate we also realize the benefits we are getting from the load of gravity, from the ability of the gravity to stimulate our bones, stimulate our muscles, stimulate our nerves, becomes very, very powerful.

Why is your warranty so much better than the others?

The VibePlate and the EquiVibe are built to last. They are also built a 100% made in the USA, from Lincoln, Nebraska. There may be one other platform that is built in the USA. The rest are pretty much built by the same four manufacturers in China.

How does the VibePlate work?

Using a VibePlate® is fairly simple. While properly positioned, the entire body vibrates due to the frequency of the platform, which causes the muscles to contract and stretch in order to sustain balance. These natural reflexes are involuntary and happen very rapidly, much like the knee jerk reaction tested by doctors. Even the most basic exercises will be intensified. Depending on your level of fitness, the duration and frequency of use will vary. Before when you exercised you might be using 40% of your muscles, now with VibePlate you are using nearly 100% of your muscles. Some you may have never used before.

Does the VibePlate have variable speeds?


Is this important?

Yes this is very important. The VibePlate has variable speeds from 10 to 60 hertz. There are different issues or exercises where different speeds are used. For example, low levels have been proven to help with increasing lymphatic drainage, mid range have helped issues such as osteoporosis, higher ranges can reduce joint pain and enhance muscle strength. And the list of issues go on and on.

How many motors does the VibePlate have?

Is it better to have one motor or multiple motors? It is better to have one motor, multiple motors will never be synchronized. Therefore never in balance.

Does the VibePlate require any maintenance?


What type of energy source does the VibePlate require?

Electricity, regular outlet for the USA, we make custom plug-ins available for other countries.

How would you compare the functionality of the VibePlate to others?

There is no comparison. If you want to lift weights on them you can, if you want to do Yoga on them you can, if you want to put a wheel chair on them you can, if you want to put a stationary bike on them you can. VibePlate is the most functional whole body vibration platform in the world.

How would you compare the durability of the VibePlate to others?

There is no comparison. The VibePlate is built to last forever. It has a weight capacity of 2400 pounds. No other platform has this durability.
What is the difference in the steel vs aluminum VibePlate models?
There is no difference in durability or results. It is just a matter of preference. If you are going to leave the VibePlate in one place most of the time, then the steel VibePlate may be the one you want. If you are going to move the VibePlate around consistently, the the aluminum model may be the way to go. Whichever one you choose, it is still a good choice.

Does VibePlate training actually strengthen bone and muscles?

During normal forms of exercise, your muscles contract one or two times per second. Exercising on a VibePlate® causes your muscles to contract 10 to 60 times a second. Unlike other forms of exercise which work on only about 40% of your muscle fibers, VibePlate training works on up to 90% of your muscle fibers to help you strengthen muscles and develop more muscle tissue. This leads to increased muscle density and increased strength. You’ll enjoy improved balance, coordination and posture, and increased bone density.

How does VibePlate stimulate the production of helpful hormones?

VibePlate® training will encourage your body to produce increased levels of human growth hormone, which helps in the repair and regeneration of damaged muscles, bones and other tissues. Your body will also produce more serotonin, the hormone responsible for feelings of happiness and well being, and less cortisol, the hormone responsible for feelings of stress and anxiety.

Can the VibePlate actually improve immune function?

The high levels of muscle contractions you’ll experience during VibePlate® training will stimulate your lymph glands, leading to increased flow of lymph throughout the body and a stronger immune system. Stimulating your muscles will lead to increased blood circulation as well. Your blood pressure may drop, and your blood may carry more oxygen to the cells of your body, resulting in increased levels of energy.

How come the maximum weight your machines hold are around 5-7 times higher than the other brands?

VibePlate, the original plate, was designed from the beginning to have a large weight limit. This allows the medical professionals, the fitness trainers, the coaches, the home users to be able to perform at a higher level, and to be able to accomplish more.

Is there an advantage or benefit to having such a huge weight limit?

Yes there is an advantage.

In health and wellness, you may have someone that is overweight, and most machines may be limited in weight capacity. It allows the user to also use other tools to help lose weight while on the VibePlate, such as weights with no fear of the machine failing.

In medical and rehabilitation, the same thing. This allows the medical professional to use other functional equipment in helping their patient rehab. With no fear of a weight limit.

In athletic performance, it is used to help increase speed, explosive power, rehabilitation, vertical jump and more. These platforms can withstand a 300 pound athlete jumping up and down on the VibePlate with no fear of hurting it. It can be used to lift weights on the VibePlate placed under a squat rack, on a bench press, etc.

VibePlate is obviously not a re-brand because it looks so completely different to anything else out there. What are the drawbacks if any or benefits of not being a re-brand?

There are no drawbacks. Only pluses. It is not cheaply made like other so-called vibration machines. I just got an email from a company in China who wanted to sell us vibration platforms that ranged from $65 to $98 a piece and suggested we sell them for over $2600. These machines are a ripoff. The VibePlate is built to last forever. It has a lifetime warranty for home use and a 5-year warranty for commercial use. The VibePlate is more durable and more functional than any other vibration platform in the world. It will allow you to do anything you want in fitness and health, athletic performance, medical and rehabilitation. You are not limited by obstacles getting in your way or too small an area to work out on. And at the same time, if you want a balance bar, VibePlate makes those available for all of their models.

How did these machines come about like who engineered them and what kind of goals or objectives did they have in mind designing something that would end up being so unique?

ProSystems is a company out of Lincoln, Nebraska. The owner of ProSystems at one time owned an athletic training center. When he first heard about vibration training, he looked into the machines on the market, but none of them were functional enough to do the work outs and drills he needed for athletes. And the other downfall was the other platforms that had any type of weight capacity, or the room needed to perform, were way to expensive. They ranged from $10,000 to $15,000. So after about a year of thinking about it, he decided to build his own machine. He knew what was needed to benefit his clientele. From here came the VibePlate, the most functional and durable platform in the industry. Now the VibePlate is used by some of the top athletes in the world, professional and college teams, top physical therapists and chiropractors, other medical professionals, fitness centers, the United States military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Thousands of home users and more.

Your machines have unique plate movement to them. Traditionally the market is composed of either pivotal or linear machines with just a few tri-planar ones. Which traditional plate movement is the VibePlate most similar to?

None that we know of. The secret is the stationary platform with smooth vertical vibration, all the others have a moving platform, and/or a different type of vibration movement, which is not natural.

Do those other more traditional plate movements have any advantages or benefits over your machines and vice versa does VibePlate have unique benefits beyond those traditional plate movements?

According to medical professionals, the VibePlate puts out the vibration that is needed. Because it is natural movement, where the others are not. The VibePlate movement is Linear or Vertical. The platform does not move, it is stationary. It is a smooth vibration, not a jackhammer vibration. This movement is natural movement, therefore better for you.

One of VibePlate’s medical counselors gave us this explanation – Vertical vibration will help activate the muscle spindle cells within the muscles better since it mimics the muscle contraction. Vertical vibration also activates the postural muscles which facilitate better muscle balance and coordination. Specific vibration frequencies can produce various different effects on the body, low levels have been proven to help with increasing lymphatic drainage, medium to high-level frequencies can reduce joint pain and higher levels can enhance muscle strength. Vibration therapy alone is significant because everything in nature oscillates at a frequency/vibration. – Dr. Kyle Daigle

From my understanding the gforce potential of a plate is one of the most important features.

That is a myth. Granted you have to have some gforce. But not as much as you might expect. Our gforce will range from 3-4. We have customers calling us and wanting a platform with a gforce of 20. That means whoever they got that information form does not know what they are talking about. A machine with a gforce of 20 probably would knock them off the platform. The VibePlate puts out a smooth vibration, yet this same vibration has helped major athletes perform better and rehab faster. Just this last year in the College Football Playoffs, we had 2 of the 4 finalist, Ohio State (National Champions) and Alabama who are a part of the VibePlate family. In the NFL playoffs, 3 of the final 4 teams use the VibePlate. They are the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts and last years Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks. They use it for performance, fitness and rehabilitation. So when some one tells you, you have to have more gforce, a rougher vibration, or more amplitude, they are completely wrong.

Is there any advantage or benefit to getting the heavier steel frame machine versus an aluminum frame? Do those different materials effect the performance of the plate?

In answer to both questions, NO. The results are the same. The reason we have two choices, is because aluminum is lighter and we have coaches, trainers, and other professionals who like to take their’s with them on the road, and the aluminum is easier to travel with.

Is your machine closer to a commercial machine or a residential?

I would say it is built for commercial use, but our sales are probably 50-50. Commercial and home use.

While studies using WBV is pretty rare in this industry, do you have any feedback from your customers on how the VibePlate has helped them?

We do have results from hospitals, wellness centers, physical therapists, chiropractors, special health issues, fitness trainers, coaches, etc. Feel free to browse through our Reviews page.
Some machines on the market are designed to fit a certain type of consumer. For example, some machines have specific handle bar systems and attachable chairs for older folks. If you were to pick a specific customer type who would it be? Athletes, moms and dads, folks with injuries, etc.

The VibePlate fits all areas. They are built for athletes, rehab, fitness and home users. They can have the VibePlate with balance bars or without. Right now we are developing a new platform that has a chair built on it requested by the medical community. We are also developing a 8-10 foot platform to help rehabilitation. Both of these systems will be on the market this year.

There are a lot of machines on the market with a lower price tag. With the exception of your smallest machine, what kinds of features about your machines are reflected in the prices they go for?

The features are pretty much all the same with all sizes, except of course for our VibeCage, the new one coming out this year we will call the Chair for now, and the other new one, we will be calling the Tunnel. The difference in the others are mainly size, and how we have to calibrate and build the motors for the different sizes.

Are there any contraindications for use of a VibePlate?

With any of the following issues, consult your physician first before using any vibration machine. Recovering from surgery, have serious cardiovascular disease, are pregnant. You have thrombosis, joint implants, a pulmonary embolism, known retinal conditions, severe diabetes, a pacemaker, an implantable cardioverter defibrillators, hip or knee replacement, epilepsy, tumors, acute hernia recently replaced pins or plates, or have a severe migraine. Because the VibePlate is much different than other vibration machines, we have had customers use the VibePlate for some of the above issues with no negative feedback. But we still ask you to consult your physician before using the VibePlate.

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