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It heats perfectly. I love it!


We love it, we wish it was bigger. I'm 6'3" and my wife is 5'7" .. So far it works perfectly. We placed it, in our garaga which is very nice, My wife drove into the garage while i was in the sauna, we have to work that out. Funny...Close the door!!! not for two poeple unless you're trolls

Its easy to asemble, One thing to remeber garage floors are not level. So i built a platfom for the sauna to sit on, I made the bottom to slant with the floor to keep the platform level , pefect....

Assembling:: It does take two people to install. The front panel with the glass door is becareful!! The other sides and top and bottom. extremly easy.

Check the the locks asembly on the panels, make sure their screwed in tight

Top wiring is weird. the wring should be yellow to yellow etc,. Not this wiring, it was very frustrating. the last wire ro connect did not match..This is crazy when it comes to wiring..

My wife went to the garage while I called the manufator for help..While i'm on the phome, she connected to two wires that were not matching, she said it works..well It does...Women

Please drink water before during and after

The sauna looks great..I wish, I bought the large one, still great..


Easy to put together. Love it. Should have gotten a 3-4 person one.

Edwin Braunns
Size is everything

I wish I would have purchased the 3-4 person one just not enough room for one person in a 1-2 person one
I’m 5’9 170
Butt love the way it works I’ve lost 5 lbs doing 126 temps at 25 minutes n when u get out you feel nice and loose 😝


Great product. Great design. Great concept. Assembly not so great. Instructions leave some steps to interpretation. Once assembled it works great!

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