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How to assemble your IR Sauna

Can you assemble the Sauna Yourself?

Answer is Yes!

Many people worry if they will be able to assemble their IR saunas themselves. We are confident most people can do the job with little difficulty. 
If you require home assembly service Please contact us at to set that up.
Here are a few videos showing the assembly of our IR saunas.


 ( This video is good for  all of these models. 2019-2020 Dynamic Sauna Assembly Video (DYN-6106-01 Barcelona DYN-6202-03 Versailles DYN-6206-01 San Marino) (DYN-6210-01 Venice DYN-6220-01 Vittoria DYN-6215-01 Vienna) (DYN-6310-01 Madrid DYN-6330-01 Palermo DYN-6306-01 Bellagio DYN-6336-01 Lugano DYN-6315-01 Florence) (DYN-6410-01 Grand Madrid DYN-6440-01 Bergamo)



Here's a video of a Sunray Sauna Build





What do you think? Can you do it?

If you would prefer we take care of the dirty work just email us  at to schedule post delivery assembly service

Post Delivery Assembly ( Call or Email for Quote)


Level 1. Assembly of exercise equipment or sauna Only.     

(Customer is responsible for bringing item into home and to location of assembly, unpacking item and discarding packaging)

Level 2. Technician unpacks sauna, carries panels to build location and builds sauna.


Most people can build a sauna with relative ease, but if you need our help we are happy to assist.


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