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Clever Design and yes it get's Hot

This review is for the Maxxus 3 Person Corner Canadian Hemlock Sauna MX-K356-01. The sauna was delivered by UPS freight. The weight on the pallet was 550 lbs. My wife and I are 65. It took us about 5 hours overall from getting it off the pallet to plugging in to test. The design is very clever, made to connect the pieces almost fool-proof. Some of the pieces are very heavy. We removed the glass door before carrying the front door panel assembly upstairs, and we used carrying straps. We've used it twice already, and believe me, it get's Hot! Our family room is at about 65 degrees and it takes the Sauna 20 minutes to get up to 120 degrees. We enter it at that point and stay for 30 minutes, at which point it is up to about 145 degrees. I haven't tried yet, but I think it could go to the max of 150 degrees allowed on the thermostat. The radio works great, haven't tried to use any of the other features. We did replace the magnetic catch on the door with something having a stronger magnet. Also note that the instructions failed to mention screwing down the top to the walls, though the parts list does tell you which screws are for that. The instructions also do not tell you where to predrill holes, but you should plan for this, so you don't split the wood trying to force the screws in. One other issue that I hope was unique to our sauna is that the stud to notch connector plates for attaching the front to the side panels were all screwed on upside down. It was very easy to take the screws out and flip them over, but if you aren't mechanically inclined this might seem daunting at first. Even with all of that said, I still gave this sauna 5 stars because well, we love it...

Carl Sumruld
Excellent sauna, great workmanship

Great product we’re very 😀

jimmy zeko

looks and works great
perfect addition to our home spa

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