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Frequently Asked Question about IR Saunas


golden designs sauna

Almost everyone wants a sauna, people love them.


A) Do I have room for a sauna?

Saunas can go in any room in the house, on any floor, against any wall, etc…! Many people

put them in their garage, basement, attic, bedroom, bathroom, closet, laundry room,

under the stairs, etc. All of our saunas have been scrutinized and tested at the

highest levels and have all the major certifications which include ETL, CETL, and CE.

The saunas can go anywhere!

B) Cost/affordability

The average cost of a sauna is $2200. We accept any cards with include VISA, MC,

AMEX, DIS, and a debit card with a VISA/MC logo. We also offer Financing. It simply is a game

changer and can dramatically improve the quality of a person’s life.

1) What is included?

All of our saunas are fully loaded meaning there is nothing else you need for your sauna,

they come with everything including:

- 100% Grade “A” Canadian Hemlock wood construction

- 5 Year Lifetime Warranty on everything/ or limited Lifetime Warranty ( please check Manual)

- Carbon Heating System (not Ceramic)

- Dual Inside/Outside Control Panel

- Chromotherapy Multi Color Lighting System

- AM/FM Radio with CD Player, Ipod Aux port, built in speakers

- Cup/Beverage Holder, Magazine Rack, Towel Bar, Ipod Holder

- 2 Removable Ergonomic Backrests

- Water Proof Floor Heater

- Tempered Bronzed Privacy Glass windows and door

- Exterior Accent Lighting

2) What is the difference between your saunas and others out in the market?

A) Our brand of saunas is #1 in the US by a landslide

B) Quality of construction #1 in the industry

C) Carbon (not Ceramic)

D) Lifetime Warranty

E) Fully loaded saunas

F) Floor Heater

G) Chromotherapy Lighting System

H) Dual inside/outside control panel

I) Thickness of walls and glass doors and windows

J) 100% “A” grade Canadian Hemlock

K) Multiple support channels during and after purchase

5) Why should I get a sauna from you?

A: We are the sauna consultant experts and the leaders in the Infrared Sauna


Our team of Health and Wellness Specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable in health

and wellness, as well as the infrared sauna industry as a whole. We each have many

areas of expertise to share with our customers such as: Diet and nutrition, exercise,

detoxification, yoga, pain management, illnesses and disease, and much more. We

personally review each of our customer’s goals and consult with them on how our far

infrared saunas will benefit and improve the quality of their lives. We strongly believe our

sauna products and services are superior in every way to what you will find in the

marketplace. Our goal is simply to help people change their lives one person at a time

through the power of Far Infrared heat therapy.

6) Where are your saunas manufactured?

China! 90% of the world’s population of Infrared Saunas are manufactured in Asia, more

specifically China. There are about 10 factories in China that produce most of the

Infrared Saunas around the world, but out of the 10 factories, are factory is considered

the best in the world. There currently are NO manufactures of Infrared Saunas in the US


7) Do you offer financing?

Yes, we have a great financing through Affirm and Klarna. Please ask about our financing.

8) Do I have to pay extra for shipping?

No . Everything we sell at ships %100 FREE!

Please be aware the shipper first must call you to schedule a delivery, they will NOT just show

up. FREE delivery is Curbside. You are responsible for bringing it in your home.




9) How long does it take to get my new sauna?

A: Please set a 10 day shipping time expectation. Again, the shipper must call the

customers to set a delivery appointment, they will not just show up.

10) Do you install it as well?

A.) We offer white glove shipping and setup for an addition charge $349

B) Typically the customer is responsible for setting it up. Most customers do not have

any issues setting them up, they are pretty easy to do. Sometimes it may require 2


11) How long does it take to set up and install the sauna?

A: All our saunas take about 1 -2 hours to assemble and install. Only a regular and

Phillips Head screwdriver is needed.

12) Will I sweat in my sauna?

You will sweat like no other. You will burn 500 – 800 calories in a 30 minute session,

and 2lbs – 5lbs of water weight at 60 minutes. We have done extensive studies and you

can lose significant weight using your sauna 3 + days a week.

13) What are the top 3 reasons people purchase a sauna?

Besides the main reason that they feel wonderful and help you relax…

A) Detoxification. Saunas do it better than anything else on the planet

B) Weight loss

C) Back and muscle aches, fibromyalgia and arthritis

14) Are infrared saunas better than traditional saunas?

Not necessarily however you heat from Infrared Saunas will penetrated at a much deeper

level than traditional saunas. Studies performed indicate that the heat will penetrate 1 –

1.5 inches into your muscle tissue. Traditional saunas about 1/8 of an inch. Thus, much

better with Infrared. Any time you can get heat into your muscle tissue of 1 – 1.5

inches, there are multiple health benefits that come from this.

15) What is your sauna warranty?

A: Our warranty is “Lifetime” and/or 7 years on the heaters, electrical, radio, and wood

cabin. This is the very best warranty you can get in the industry.

16) Is far infrared heat safe?

A: Infrared energy is not only safe, but is also highly beneficial for our bodies. Far

Infrared heat has been actively used in the medical field around the world for decades.

Physicians, surgeons, pain management clinics, physical therapists, chiropractors,

massage therapists, etc., have all used infrared heat to help their patients with a variety

of health issues for many years. Infrared Saunas have become mainstream in the health

and wellness field and its popularity among health care professionals grows each and

every year.

17) Are your saunas safe and do they have any certifications?

A: They have been scrutinized and tested at the highest levels and have all the major

certifications which include ETL, CETL, and CE. All of our saunas are 100% wood, No

laminates and contain NO toxic glues. In fact, the interior of our saunas are blind nailed

(no nail heads showing) and smooth sanded by hand. In addition, we belong to the ISO

9001 quality control program.

18) How thick are your walls, and how are they constructed?

Our saunas are constructed using Canadian Reforested Hemlock Wood. This wood is kiln

dried and contains no pesticides. Our saunas are constructed using staples and a nontoxic

glue for a tongue-and-groove style of construction. Because we use double wall

(hollow inside) construction on the wall panels, we are able to significantly reduce heat

transfer to the outer walls allowing us to place an oil-based stain or clear coat finish

(exterior/outer wall panels only). The wall panels are 6mm in thickness with a 1.25in

inner frame. The glass doors and windows are 3/8 inch thick, the best in the industry.

19) Which sauna should I get, is it true that bigger is better?

Absolutely yes, if you have the space and budget, get a bigger sauna so you have

additional stretch out space. You will be happy with your decision!

20) What is your service guarantee?

A: We are committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied at every level during and

after your sauna purchase. Our business is based on referrals; you will be taken care of!

21) What temperature and time should I use my sauna at?

A: The average temperature that people set their saunas at is 120F. The saunas will go

to 151F. The average time is about 30 minutes. Every person is different, some people

like it hotter at 140F and go for 1 hour, and some go in at 120F for 15-20 minutes. There

is no minimum or maximum time for temperature and time, it is really up the individual.

In Europe, people use their saunas for 2+ hours at a very high temperature.

22) Do you ever have any promotions, specials, or sale prices on your saunas?

A: Yes, we do, we offer “show specials” on all the saunas on certain occasions. Our price

points are considered low in the industry already, and we offer a fully loaded, top of the

line, line of saunas with a lifetime warranty.

23) Why are carbon fiber heaters better than ceramic heaters?

A: Ceramic heaters can burn to the touch, carbon heaters do not do this. In addition,

there are no “hot spots” with Carbon heaters, and the heat is evenly distributed

throughout the cabin. This gives you a much better and even heating session, allowing

the far infrared rays to be absorbed into more of your body, which makes it much more

enjoyable to use.

24) How long should my sauna session be?

A: Recommended sessions are between 15 – 60 minutes but you can go as long as you

like depending upon comfort ability and your health level. Again, each individual is

different. There is no minimum or maximum time or temperature to use and take a

sauna, it truly is just preference.

25) Can I put my sauna outdoors?

A: Our standard answer is NO, they are really inside saunas. They can go in any room in

the house, on any floor surface, and against any wall. All saunas have a built-in water

proof floor heater so you do not have to worry about it leaking on carpeting for example.

If you decide to put it outside, you must make sure it is under a covered patio or desk

fully protected from water. All the electronics are on top of the sauna, it must be

protected or you may run the chance of water damage. We do offer custom canvas

covers for your sauna for approximately $300 - $400 depending upon which sauna you

get. This will protect it from water, dust, and sunlight exposure.

26) What size saunas do you have available?

A: We have a complete line of saunas ranging from small 1 person studio units, to 6

person deluxe models. In addition, we have corner saunas available as well. Please visit

our web site to get a complete listing at and

27) Do you have a money back guarantee?

A: We guarantee that you are satisfied with your sauna and the entire consulting and

purchase process. If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will work with you to make

sure you are 100% satisfied even if that requires returning or swapping out your sauna.

28) How much does it cost each month to operate, is infrared sauna energy


A: Infrared energy is extremely efficient and costs very little to operate each month. For

Each hour of sauna usage, it costs about 10 – 15 cents. We tell our customers if they

took a 1 hour sauna session for 30 days in a row, it would cost under $20 total, and that

means you are using it every single day which is quite rare. The point is they cost very

little to operate.

29) What is Infrared Heat?

Infrared is the band of light we perceive as heat. We cannot see this band of light with

the naked eye, but we can feel this type of light in the form of heat. Think of the Suns

rays on a brisk Spring day. The actual temperature may be cold, but until the Sun goes

behind a cloud, it feels warm out. In many ways it feels like being outside and feeling

the warm soothing heat of the sun.

30) Are the floor heaters water and sweat proof?

Yes! Saunas can go on any floor in the house, against any wall, and in any room.

31) Can I safely use a laptop, IPad, Ipod, Cell phone, etc…in my sauna?

You can take any device into your sauna and generally use it up to a period of 30

minutes. The dry heat will not affect your device however we recommend not keeping a

device in your sauna for a period of no more than 30 minutes. We recommend this

because some customers like their saunas very hot. Sweating on your device is the

biggest issue, so please be aware of this

32) How do I activate my warranty?

Within 60 days of receiving your sauna, please make a copy of your Golden Designs/Pro

6 invoice and mail it in, along with your warranty card, located on the very last page of

the owner’s manual

33) Are there instructions on how to set up my sauna?

Yes, you will receive an owner’s manual when you receive your sauna which include

detailed instructions on how to set your sauna up. email us at We have a full

service team designed to support all of our customers.

34) What type of wood are your saunas made out of?

We use grade “A” 100% Canadian Hemlock wood for construction of our saunas.

35) Do you have Cedar saunas available?

Yes, please ask. Most people choose Hemlock constructed saunas

36) Do you have traditional hot rock/steam saunas available?

We no longer offer “traditional” saunas based largely on the IR technology pre-empting

the need for such. The benefits of IR sauna technology are substantial over that of


37) How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for 10 years. Our brand is the #1 brand in the United States.

Simply put, we are the leader in the Infrared Sauna industry and are the best at what we

do! We humbly sell 12,000 saunas a year and are proud of our products.

38) Do you use any toxic glue and what kind of exterior stain do you use on your


We absolutely do NOT use any toxic glue in any and all of our saunas. And we use a

clear coat Danish Finish oil on most of our saunas.

39) Do your saunas require a 120v, 15 amp or 20 amp outlet?

All our saunas are 120v and require a regular plug in. Our 1 and 2 person units all

require a regular 15 amp outlet and breaker. Our corner models and 3 person and above

all require a 20amp outlet and dedicated circuit, meaning the sauna should be the only

thing on this circuit. We highly recommend an electrician for any questions and concerns

for your sauna.

40) Can I use an extension cord to plug my sauna in

Ideally we highly recommend you plug it directly into the wall. If you must use an

extension cord, please make sure it is 12 gauge or higher, and that it is as short as





That should cover it!

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